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Apply NowEvery year the US authorities grant 55000 Green Cards to applicants from all over the world. The green card holders have equal rights and can study or take up employment in government or private organisations. The Green card lottery Program known as Diversity Visa Lottery (DV) Program provides opportunity to those without higher GREENCARDeducational or strong financial background to participate in DV Program and receive Green card via a simple route.

What are the benefits of Green Card?
Very simply Green Card enables to immigrate to USA with minimum fuss. If you choose permanent residency in USA, you would be able to live in any of the 50 States without restrictions. You do not have to give up your current nationality.

Living in USA will provide you with a lot of opportunities. USA is the largest economy and most influential country in the world. Unemployment stands at below 4%. Property is a lot cheaper in most states compared to Europe. In general, USA is a vibrant society and has higher potentials compared to most European countries. The US currency ie USD has been one of the most stable currencies over the last few decades.

Other benefits of living in USA:
Your costs for education or a profession or university will be reduced by 80%. You will be entitled to receive estate benefits, apply for special US entry permits for your relatives who wish to join you in the USA. There will be no restrictions on job opportunities and you will be able to search, apply and find jobs at all levels. You will be entitled to all benefits enjoyed by any US citizens. The exception is right of voting in elections.

If you are still perusing your wishes to
 » live in USA for longer period,
 » to start a new life in USA
 » to study in one of the distinguished Universities or professional Institutions
 » to choose a new professional career
 » to be your own boss (to start your own business) and
 » to enjoy your retirement in USA

Get your Green card with our help

We can help for your dreams to come true
 » We will be the main source of reply to your enquiries
 » We will help you to prepare and submit your application
 » Once you are selected under DV Program, we will help you and will be with you as your guide throughout this period
 » We will help you as your agent and consultant concerning all your immigration matters

DV-2016 is your golden opportunity to achieve some or all of the above. Do not hesitate to register with us and give your future a big chance to succeed.

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